Bank rules for inventory sales


I just wondering is there any way I can set up a bank rule for inventory sales?

I sell item on eBay and receive the payment by Paypal in the most cases. I would like to see if possible that when I import the Paypal transactions, manager could help me allocate the transaction to the related item. Thanks for any advise.


You cannot do that. The reason is that Inventory sales is a control account, meaning it has subsidiary ledgers for inventory items. Unless there is a way to identify the subsidiary ledger, you cannot create a bank rule. And a single transaction (say, for example, a receipt against a sales invoice) might contain line items for many different inventory items. Thus, there would need to be many different subsidiary ledgers.

The ability to create bank rules with some control accounts, such as Accounts receivable, was recently added. In such a case, there is only one subsidiary ledger possible per transaction: the customer.

However, the allocation to Inventory sales should take place automatically on a sales invoice, not on the receipt transaction. So I am not sure why this would be a problem. Remember, the bank rule only applies to importing the bank transaction. Can you explain further?