Bank Reconcilliation


I reconcile my actual cash daily. I reconciled the account on the first day and the word ‘reconciled’ turned green on the bank accounts list. I can’t see how to do further reconciliations.


If bank account is reconciled and you will not add new transactions to it, it will continue being marked as reconciled.

By the way, bank reconciliation process is being currently worked on to address minor multiple issues. This issue will be resolved too. Just wait until end of this week.


Thanks for response. I am adding transactions to it on a daily basis. My problem is possibly changing from another accounting program and not thinking differently. Have previously calculated amount held at end of day, entered it into account program, ticked off items and hopefully agreed balance.


Have worked this out now, thanks. However, I was late putting in the opening balance having entered other transactions. Can the conversion date be changed - the edit button only seems to change the amount.


There is a Set Conversion Date button which will allow you to set the date for all accounts at once.



Thank you - found it.