Bank reconcilliation without running totals

Your reconcillation tool is pretty good… however, not all my bank statements come with running totals, in fact only 1 of the 7 accounts acutally does. so i’m having to find my own totals in order to reconcile. this is becoming quite time consuming and frustrating especially if, for example a transaction is in fact there but on different date to the bank statement (bank processing vs actual transaction date). i know you were trying to stare clear of the click/checking off feature other software was using but is there a way of seeing all the transactions in the statement period or something along those lines?


If your bank statement doesn’t show running totals, then I agree, this would be a problem. Do you actually receive bank statement without running totals? I’ve never seen one like that. It’s a bit unusual.

Two of my companies also send bank statements without running totals. I hadn’t realised it was unusual but, of course, no good for importing into Manager. I also would prefer to do reconcilliation item by item as the bank date often does not agree with the actual account date.

yes. I think it’s a credit card thing. because numerous banks do the same. I have seen commonwealth bank, anz, westpac, hsbc … all have NO running totals on their credit card statements. anz cheque account DOES haveas running total.

Just wondering is this is something you will look at as an option for reconciling?

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Next month I’m going to work on reconciliation and a lot of other features related to bank accounts. I expect this issue to be resolved by end of December.

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