Bank Reconciliation Reports


Hi guys,any thoughts of adding the ability to print a monthly Bank reconciliation report similar to what’s available in Quickbooks/MYOB.


Yeah, it is already on our todo-list. Thanks for suggestion.


We need this feature also - I note it was on the to do list last June - when can we expect it?


good question


I know there is a lot going on with upgrades of other features but is this request, for printout of reconciliations likely to be looked at soon? Great software but the inability to print a reconciliation report is probably going to prohibitive for us to use the software - also cash accounts need to be reconciled.


@vbba, please don’t take this the wrong way. I promise you, @lubos reads every single post on this forum. And you’ve made your point about reconciliation reports about 10 times since you joined 5 days ago. Have some patience and enjoy the progress of the application and the community. :grinning: