Bank Import

Could it be possible to have a button for bank statement import on top of the Receipts & Payment screen beside New Receipt and New Payment instead on the bottom of the page?

thanks in advance


All individual controls are at the top. All batch controls are at the bottom. That design standard is used throughout the program.

Noted your resond, but to have the button a button on top would make it a bit easy to use


Agree, saves scrolling all the way down the page. (Just more convenient)


I agree with the guy above. A button on top would be somewhat more convenient. imo

Why not just run the Import bank statement batch control in a second window?
Then they’re both open (and sizeable) on your display.

Right-click on the Import bank statement button > Open link in new window
Regards Yer

Or, depending on your operating system, hit an End or Page Down key.

Sorry to be difficult, but could it not be an option to put additional button for bank import at Bank Accounts
The pages is shorter than at Receipt & Payments

It would ease up things a bit, as i presume the majority of the users will use the bank import function

Have a second thought about it

I fully concur with this request. The argument that batch controls are at the bottom and all individual controls are at the top is irrelevant.

Import Bank Statement is at the top in the Bank Tab, but at the bottom in Payments and Receipts. So it’s already inconsistent between tabs and Import bank statement is not in the same context as batch updates etc.

I personally think that bank accounts, cash accounts, inter account transfers, bank receipts and payments and bank reconciliations should be merged into one tab, where you click the bank tab, select the appropriate bank and within that view you can see payments, receipts for that account, reconciliations for that account and also have the bank imports at the top.

I have never understood the advantage of having five tabs for this, where one tab would make more sense! I think all the benefits of the Bank Reconciliations Tab, Receipts and Payments, inter- accounts as well as the differences between cash accounts (internal petty etc) and bank accounts (external institutions) could all be merged into one tab called Banking without any loss of functionality. It would reduce four unnecessary tabs.

And at the same time add the Import Bank Statement at the top where it should be as it effectively serves the same purpose as payments and receipts - the difference being one is manual and the other is automatic.