Bank import

I am not sure if its me or not
I imported the bank statment and all sales amounts were correct.

Now I go into the P&L report and click on sales and the black amounts have gone through as payments and the red amounts have gone through as receipts all in sales account
reports >P&l.Sales

But when I go into find and re code they are red again
Bank Transcations .> find and recode .> enter Trade MeWellington Trade MeWellington EFTPOS .

so I am confused does that mean there are debit amounts in the sales?
it is throwing my gst tax summary out as there is a diffrence in the P&L report sales and the GST sales

and if I am wrong how can I change it

It is impossible to analyze your situation because your screen shots do not display the same transactions. For example, the 27/09/2017 transaction for 43.48 on your 2nd screen shot is not shown on the others. And your bank statement spreadsheet shows mostly transactions for -40 and -50, while your drill-down report in the 2nd screen shot shows no transactions in those amounts. Your 3rd screen shot, on which you say “they are red again” is not even the same view as anything else you showed.

To get help, you will need to construct a coherent flow of events, explaining what you did and what you are showing and telling why you think there is a problem by specifying what you think should be shown.

I would suggest that the bank statement amounts would be gross (inc tax) and the Sales account drill down amounts would be nett (exc tax), otherwise the provided trail is a rabbit warren.

Perhaps. But since so many transactions in the statement are for the same 40 and 50 amounts, I’d expect the net transactions to include numerous matching amounts. They don’t, so I’m pretty sure we are seeing apples and oranges.

Ok My bank statement which is a csv file
looks like this this includes the 15% GST

so all are correct with a - in front of the amount
so its done by bank rules and coded to sales
So if I go to the P&L and drill down to sales this is what I get this is GST exclusive most P &Ls are as you can see the Trade Me - Ping Wellington Trade Me - Ping Wellington EFTPOS entries are now black

now if I go into tax summary report it does not even list them under net sales
And the sales are diffrent in the P &L and the net sales in the tax summary both are gst exclusive.
what I discovered is
A) the net sales in the tax summary report gst exclusive are 39809.00 and the sales in the P &L report which is also GST exclusive are 37185.
B) from the down load of the bank statement the Trade Me - Ping Wellington Trade Me - Ping Wellington are coded to sales but have come out as a debit(Black) where all the rest of the entries coded to sales have come out as a credit.(red)
C)when I dril down to the actual entry in the P & L it says its a payment on the the Trade Me - Ping Wellington Trade Me - Ping Wellington
when I drill down on a correct entry it say it is a receipt

all entries were done at the same time so I dont know how the trademe ones became a payment and the right ones became a receipt.
I dont know how to explain it any better
umm all entries on the csv file are with a - infront of the amount
all entries are coded to sales
but some end up being done as a receipt and some end up being a payment(the wrong ones)
and I dont know why or why there is such a difference between my P&L and the tax summary

I need to move them from a payment to a receipt but I dont know how. I really dont care why I just need to fix it.
I did nothing different it was all the one bank statement all down loaded at the same time and the bank rules did the rest and I checked them and they are no different
so some of them have come through as spend money and some have come through as recive money yet they were all done in import bank statement

I just deleted the trade me transactions and down loaded them again and the same thing happened

Got it I have worked it out