Bank account payment record vs another record

4 OCT 2019 shows 9.21 instead of 9.25 or 9.90.
i dont get how. but when u press in. it shows the correct figure

you have hidden the transaction date in the first screenshot which makes it impossible to match the transaction from your second screenshot.
from where did you take the second screenshot? you have not shown the path you followed to arrive at the screen.
what Manager version, edition, OS are you using?

the hidden date is 04 oct.
summary - petrol - view
ver. 20.2.54

please update Manager and check for issues before reporting on the forum. you are hundreds of version behind.
after updating please report if the issue persists.

UPDATE already. its still the same.
i wasnt reporting on forum. i was wondering if i did anything wrong in the process

Post a screen shot of the Edit screen of the payment, not a photo of the finished document. Obscure only proprietary information.

Your screen shot raises a few more questions:

  • Why are the date formats for your payment and PETROL account drill-down different? Did you set things up differently after you updated the software? To understand this, please post screen shots of the PETROL account drill-down with the updated software. (Screen shots from different software versions are not helpful.)
  • Are you using a tax code you created yourself? If so, why are you not using the GST 7% tax code for Singapore available from the Localizations page? See Add localized settings and features | Manager. Since it looks like you created your own tax code, show the Edit screen for that tax code.
  • What base currency do you have set in the Settings tab? Is this the same currency selected for the bank account from which you made the payment in question? Or did you by chance create multiple versions of SGD?

that is how Manager works for the date preference as seen in the screenshots. i use the same date format and the form entry always uses a different format. not much of an issue though as long as everything works.