Balance sheet report as Pviot way

By the end of this year, we’re all preparing annual reports, I was thinking if the idea of reports adopted to the pivotal method serves accountants
It’s a lot like the pivot table view in The Excel program.
I think the report will look very dynamic if the expansion and closures are added to it.

Single out the profit and loss report and the balance sheet report.

And I thank your efforts a lot.
You’re really great.

I’m just curious, what would you put in lines and what in column?

BTW, I asked many years ago for pivot in custom reports and I received a big NO.

I don’t mean the method to match the pivot table method.

Just the idea of closing and expanding.
It’s good for us to shorten the accounts in the reports.
Assuming the balance sheet can be shortened to include only basic accounts and can be extended so that all accounts can be seen

Use Groups to collapse feature in balance sheet and p&l.

This is enough for completing these tasks.

That is right
I’ve never known that before.