Balance column disappears on sorting

Whenever I click on “#” or “Debit”, the “Balance” field disappears; making it hard to keep track of the dues with the customer.

Figure showing Balance before sorting.

Balance field disappears after sorting.

That is because the balance is a running total that makes sense only when entries are in chronological order.

It also looks like you may be using journal entries for inappropriate purposes.

Any suggestions on how to make such entries. I am new to accounting and use Manager to keep record of my personal expenses.:slight_smile:

Start reading the Guides. The link to them is pinned as the first topic in the forum. But also understand that Manager is a double-entry accounting system, so you cannot just keep records of expenses. You need to define cash account(s), income accounts, etc. I suggest searching the web for some of the many excellent accounting reference and education sites. If all you are doing is recording expenses, a double-entry accounting system is unnecessary and much more work than necessary.

Sorry to brink this back but the problem is the same ( balance column disappears) even when I try to sort the date column (oldest to newest)

Is this normal ?

Yes. The balance column appears only in the default view. While it could make sense in reverse chronological order, the program is designed to remove it after any sort to avoid confusion. The total still appears at the bottom.