Backup file size seems very small

I switched to using Manager software after I had a hard drive crash and no recent backups. So now I backup religiously every day. But the backup files that are being created are very small. The most recent one is only 356KB. Is all the data in there? I have entered a lot of data and can’t imagine that it zips to a file so small. Or is the data held in a database somewhere that I also need to backup?

In my case the live data file and the back up file are approx. the same size.
Have you compared yours ?

Backup files are quite small. To test, import the file. It will have a different name (with date). You can remove the backup when you are satisfied all is there.

Complete Backup - I answered this in this post.

I did that and the data appears to be all there. It just seems so small for what’s in it. I think I’m probably a bit paranoid after all I went through last year.