Back of BAS and BAS worksheet

since payslips and wages have now been implemented, can the BAS Worksheet be updated to incorporate these values on the back of the worksheet? W1, W2, W3, W4, and W5,

as well as 1A, 4, 1B and a recalculated 9 (allowing for 4), also on the back just under the wages section.

note: I had initially posted to the end of this topic, but since it’s been flagged solved I started a new topic.

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Same answer as other topic
"This is not yet possible. One of the goals of ManagerExtensions8 project is to actually conceive these country-specific features. - GST/BAS has been implemented. PAYG - not yet.

I think that answer was before there was a wages module, which provides for the values that are needed.

Not so. The Payslips module predates that by quite a while. But just because the module exists doesn’t mean it has yet been fully exploited for a country-specific tax form. Meanwhile, be happy you have the BAS worksheet there in Australia. Most of us have nothing. :wink: