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When I want to give a customer of mine a n arly payment discount or when I add a percentage late payment fee to the outgoing invoice, or when I need to generate monthly incoming invoices, I do not get the possibility to edit the new documents. Although, I use a numbering system which Manager cannot handle automatically, so I need to edit the transaction reference number… This is not possible, though.
Is there a possibility to add this in an upcoming release (soon)?
I really love Manager!
Thank you in dadance for your help!
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Jordy Deweer
PS: I am a software developer, so if you need ann assistance, please ask me!

Please do not post personal contact information on the forum. That violates our rules. Yours has been deleted.

Please clarify this statement. All transactions can be edited both before and after creation. And have you read the Guides on early payment discounts, late payment fees, and recurring invoices?

Oops, sorry. I will keep that in mind.
Well, as soon as I try to edit an invoice, I get the editing form, bt when KI click update, it chooses to remain unchanged…

Explain exactly what you are doing, step by step. How are navigating to the Edit page of a sales invoice? Also what edition (desktop, server, or cloud) and version number are you using? What operating system?

First of all, I create a sales invoice. After I find out I made a mistake, so while viewing the document, I just click the Edit button and enter some details. For instance a spelling mistake or in the case of automatically generated documents, the reference number. I click update, and see: the previous setings are back.

I use desktop version 19.2.67 on Windows 10 Pro 1803.

There is a work round for this: going to http://localhost:55555 in a normal browser.

Something is wrong with your installation, @Jordy_Deweer. Download a fresh copy of the program and reinstall. Do not uninstall anything first. Install right over the top of the existing installation, in exactly the same way as you first installed. Let us know if that fixes the problem.

I already tried that, and I audated to newer versions too, @Tut. That did not solve the problem at all…

Then this sounds like some kind of permissions issue, where the database cannot be updated. It is definitely not a bug in the program, or hundreds or thousands of users would be complaining. (Not to mention, I cannot reproduce it.) Have you every changed the default location of your application data folder?

@Tut No, I never did so, but maybe I should to try if that makes it any better.
Surprisingly, when I navigate to http://localhost:55555 in a regular browser (Firefox) and edit stuff there, like described earlier, it does not cause any trouble. Then, it works just fine…

Sorry, you are beyond my expertise.

Well, I just tried again, @tut and I could change the due data of an invoice, but not the reference number, which is essential when I want to keep using my current numbering system…
Are there literally no ideas?

Do you have anything set for sales invoices under Form Defaults? There is a known regression bug with default automatic references being overridden on cloned documents. I don’t see why that would be related to your problem, but since that is a bug, who knows what else it might effect.

Also, let me get this straight. Are you now saying that your initial reports of problems with early payment discounts and late fees have gone away?

I do have stuff there, so I will try that and see what I can do about it.
Well, since I need to added the documents after creatiion , the poblem is solved halfway. yes, I understand how they work now, but no, I cannot edit them (yet) so that they fit my current numbering system.

Okay @Tut, I tried by removing all defaults and it doesn’t help. After creating a document, with no or a wrong number, I cannot edit it manually in the desktop edition itself. When I checked the box to choose a number automatically, it puts 201922 like it should have done, but I want there FAC-2019/22. When I edit the reference field manually to that, it doesn’t work either…

Your answer in post #14 was not clear. I was trying to determine if the problem is restricted to the reference number field or if you are having trouble editing everything.

As for the automatic reference number 201922, that happens because Manager ignores alpha characters and punctuation when it assigns automatic numbers. So, as you seem to understand, if you want a reference like FAC-2019/22, you will need to enter it manually. But it sounds like the manual edit does not work.

I had troubles editing everything that could be editid.
Besides, I knew about the ignoring of alphabetical and punctuation characters, so I knew that I neede to change the documents (edit them) after automatic creation (late payment fees & early payment discounts, for example).

Happily, I figured out what was the problem. I am blind and use screen reading software to access my computer. Doing so, activating buttons, links, etc. works different than with a mouse and there was where it went wrong. To update the reference number, the program expected a mous click, instead of just hitting enter… It could be nice, if the developer could take rid of this issue soon. Now, I constantly need to simulate a mouse click any time iIwant to change something.

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Ah! light bulb moment - I guess Tut would have spent a long time trying to figure out what was happening. I don’t think I would have ever have thought of that

@Joe91 Indeed, it is something blind people don’t always think of either.
@Tut a lot of thanks for your time and your support.