Automatically generate due date

Hi there, thanks for the great software and thanks for all the awesome updates!

Is it possible to automatically generate the due date after a given amount of days (I have figured that I get paid faster with invoices due in 21 days upon issuing).

Not yet but in future it will be possible to setup pre-defined payment terms (such as 21 days), then you would select payment terms from the list on invoice (or it would be selected by default) and Manager would automatically calculate due date so you wouldn’t need to enter it manually.


@lubos please has this feature been done, as it’s a pressing challenge with a user. The business owner doesn’t want the date to be manually entered. He wants the system to automatically calculate the number of days when the invoice is due and multiply by the unit price of the item to generate the total amount for the customer. I will be grateful for your feedback.

You are responding to a seven year old topic. Everything you mentioned has been available for years.

@Tut I’m new here, can you help me with the link to the response to my question? Thanks.

For your first question, read the guide about form defaults. As for your second question, that is just how the program works.

@LaKen_Technologies Read This Guide Form Defaults

Okay, thanks. I’m trying to find a workaround for it. Is it possible to change the billable time label ‘HOURS’ to ‘DAYS’?

A workaround for what? I already told you the feature was implemented a long time ago. You do not need a workaround for what you asked about.

Please do not divert topics with unrelated questions. Read the FAQ - Manager Forum.

THIS IS BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE! Was I part of this platform when the feature was implemented??? And is it out of place to request for a solution to a service I have paid for??? If you don’t have answers to questions DO NOT RESPOND!!

Perhaps you misunderstand the nature of this forum, @LaKen_Technologies. It is not customer service at all, but users helping other users. Nobody who responded to you works for NGSoftware.

Who knows? We can tell from your profile that you joined the forum as a registered member in August. But no one knows how long you might have been using the program.

No one knows whether you have purchased a license for the server edition, are subscribing to the cloud edition, or are using the free desktop edition. And that would not matter. All users get the same level of community support on this forum. I told you in my first response that everything you were requesting has been available for years.

I had answers. I gave them to you. It is not clear why you seem to be so upset.