Automatic invoice number problem

If I want to use a new invoice number, the system creates it but it does not add the JWA and - with my invoices, is there a way to work around it? i.e JWA2019-001, then if I create a new invoice with automatic invoice number the system gives me 2019002. Please do apologise my English, but hope you will understand what I mean by my request? Will it be able for the creators of the software to give us such an option for this great system, please?

This is unlikely to happen

But you could use a custom theme to add “JWA” in front of the automatically generated invoice number on the printed invoice - but it will not be stored as part of the accounting records

Using a custom theme to position a custom field just in front of the system generated sequence number.
While is not one number, it is presented as such, all information is associated with individual records and it can be done in Manager.

That’s what I would also suggest. The only problem that you would face is if you have to separate numbering for each prefix. This cannot be done. It’s a big missing function of Manager.

The sequence number generated by Manage will be unique with or without the prefix.
You are correct this will not allow base sequence numbers to be reused with different prefixes (as that is not possible with Manager)

Thank you all, I do appreciate.

Kind regards