Auto split feature please

Any chance of adding a feature where by you go to the settings “Chart of Account” and enter in a category designed to automatically split an expense based on a percentage

I would suggest a category “Autosplit” with a button next to it that says [New Account"

In there you create a category name of your choice such as “vehicle”

Then add sub-categories with names of your choice for example
a sub category named “vehicle” 25% split
a sub category named “drawings” 75% split

Then when you punch in a journal entry you can choose an account type under the drop-down menu-heading named “Autosplit expense” and choose vehicle then you enter in your total amount in a field which then automatically populates the other two fields “vehicle” and “drawings”

It would then be nice if you could alter the % figure in the split category settings to alter all auito split entries over the fiscal year or any other period you desire

I have not yet come across an accounting package that does this!

I’m actually planning to implement this but it’s a bit more complicated than this. You see, percentages will keep changing so there will be support for some schedule which will allow you to set date ranges and rules how split should be done.

But as you said, this is something not many accounting packages can do (if any). So it’s fairly low priority at the moment. However even if I implement this next year, you will be able to set these percentages retrospectively.

For the time being, you will need to stick with journal entries for periodical adjustments for private use.