Auto entries posted by Manager

Why does manager creates auto entries without being posted???

For certain customers manager created a payment receipts before the receive money transaction was entered, and the invoice showed as a fully paid one.

some time it partly receive money like earlier and shows a part payment in the invoice as earlier but without being posted…

Did you make any ‘Receive Money’ through Cash Accounts tab? possibly if that is done, please check while receiving proper account is selected.

no no this is a auto entry with doing anything

Right, it could be an auto entry, but this gets triggered on some event. click on the settled amount and check date and see if any amount received on that date, or if there is any advance deposit or opening balance available in customer account and the invoice net date is reached and got adjusted automatically.
Anyhow, please wait you will get the expert advice in the forum very soon.

Because the Customer had a credit balance, either you had received an advance payment, overpayment or perhaps another Customer’s payment was post to the this Customer.

This is always the case of customer having a credit balance.

See how to resolve here:

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