Audit Trail - Deletion Indentifier

While I realize there is an audit trail, it does not really help if all it says is “Deleted” “new” etc.

Is there a way to view deleted sales invoices and quotes?

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No. Your chance to avoid mistakes comes every single time you delete something. You are asked if you are sure you want to delete it. Once you say yes, it is permanently gone from the data file.

However, you could recover past transactions by restoring a backup made before you deleted the invoice in question. There is no way to merge the old file’s transaction with the new file, but you would at least have the information.

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It would, however, be useful to at least display something identifiable about the record on the Audit Trail. For example, for a Sales Invoice the invoice number could be displayed.

This way, you know what to look for in the backup file.

From a technical point of view, if there is already an audit trail record being created to indicate the deletion, it’s not that far a step to also include something identifiable in that record. Potential feature request.


Exactly! As a Dev myself, that audit trail is useless.

I see that this is older than my idea here ( Audit trails - #6 by Genti_Ge ) yet it has garnered some traction, may I suggest anyone who would like to see more in this area cast your vote over there.

The latest version has new audit trail which does this.