Audit trails

shouldn’t audit trails lead somewhere?

I’ve just created some invoices that span several weeks, and I’m cloning them in the process. I’m binning them as I create them (ie, I’m throwing the paper trail, because I don’t need them anymore).

There is no way in manager to retrieve the last 5 things I’ve done other than the audit trail (which doesn’t follow through to anywhere).

In my situation, I can pull out the receipts from the bin and fix the incorrect ones, but I feel that the audit trail would help me better because I could open the last X number of links and fix those entries.

In Short: Audit trail should not just say “Admin created Invoice”, but should create a link to that invoice.



You are right on everything

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This will be a very valuable feature. also it would be great if audit trail filtered per user and per company


And also exportable both as a report and as an excel file

Good one and needed, it should say in summary the field which got changed , with previous value what it was.

fully support this

The latest version has new audit trail which does this.