Attachments wont print or e-mail

I have a standard form from my Freight forwarded which list their shipping conditions. I have included this with a quote or an invoice, The attachment doe not appear with the invoice or quote, both by printing or e-mail. Have I missed something?

Thank you

My understanding is that the attachment feature is for the internal storage of a document in support of a transaction - receipts in support of an expense claim or a customer’s signed quote in support of an order. It is not for documents which are being attached to external documentation.

For email invoices, forward the shipping conditions as a separate attachment, for printed invoices use a stapler.

Thank you for your reply Brucanna, the way it appears on the instructions, it is a document attached to the quote/invoice for example. No worries, I do send the shipping details as a separate document anyway, I thought this would solve the need to do that separately, cheers anyway.