Attachments , Databse size & crashing

Good Day to all the managers out there

Is there a size limit (advised) for the database to avoid it crashing like excel ?

How big should it be to think its time to stop adding new attachments


An SQLite database is limited in size to 281 terabytes (248 bytes, 256 tibibytes). Do not think anyone will ever reach this.


That’s reassuring , I’m starting to count on it . As I intend to get rid of as much paper documentation as I can and since I’m the one who brought the software into the place I would get woed if it crashes any time soon

Spreadsheets such as Excel are not databases and have limitations (think of them as gigantic pieces of paper). The way spreadsheet users go around these is by linking worksheets and even workbooks. However, this is where databases show their strength and are preferred when datasets become complex or large.

The real limitations are related to your own hardware, both RAM and ROM. Also when using remote servers bandwith (at some point may not be able to handle large data-streams without failovers and multiple connections, CDNs such as Manager Cloud edition uses helps somewhat with this).

Despite the appeal of limitless it may be impractical. Hoarding data is as bad as hoarding anything physical. It becomes unwieldy and very difficult to find what you need just gathering dust. So regularly sanitizing your data makes a lot of sense. There are many applications that help clean up clutter but the onus is still on the user to manage their data as best as possible.

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I agree
I’m trying to keep what’s very important to have and hard to search/find somewhere else
Effeciency is key but tax agency is no joke :smiley: you musk keep what you must keep

Thanks alot for the extensive explanation above :handshake: