Okay, so I’ll try my best to explain this. Forgive me in advance.

I created a supplier - xx company

The purchase invoice amount, the actually amount I paid this xx-company is correct

However, under Summary > Less Expenses - This is where it get’s confusing - the amount is wrong, BUT RIGHT ? - follow me here… for xx-company

I receive 20% commission. SO while the total WAS $464.49, if you substract my 20% I really paid the company exactly what the purchase invoice above says I paid them $376.78.

I guess my question is — How do I get the “LESS EXPENSE” to show the amount actually paid - as you can see, my income from the commission of 20% on the $464.49, is showing correctly under income > 2019 commissions made

Thank you,

Your screen shots raise several questions and concerns:

  • Naming income accounts with dates is poor practice. Manager is a perpetual accounting system, and you will be stuck with accounts forever now that they have been used. Set your date range under the Summary tab. And name your accounts so they last. Sales and Commisions Made would be fine, because you will have those every year.
  • You seem to be naming expense accounts according to suppliers’ names. Why? Expense accounts should be categories of expenses, like Advertising, Insurance, Bank fees, and so forth. Read these Guides: and
  • Why are you buying taxes? I don’t imagine your supplier, xx - company, sold them to you. Taxes are applied with tax codes. Read this Guide:
  • To understand your purchase invoice example, we need more specifics. And you need to show a screen shot of the Edit screen of the purchase invoice itself.

To answer the question, by not showing the commission in a separate account.
The 376.78 is a nett amount, if you are going to separate out the commission received then the expense must be the gross amount.