Arabic values in API


I worked on Angular application that’s use the API, and it’s working fine. The problem when I start putting arabic values, the API start return some weird characters.

  "Name": "محمد حسين حبيب المعلم",
  "BillingAddress": "رقم االهاتف\r\nالمنطقة\r\nمنزل\r\nطريق\r\nمجمع",
  "CustomFields": {
    "783e75d4-6524-4fce-825d-92f156201eed": "عضو المأتم - عامل - متعهد - مطبخ الولائم",
    "64fcb723-5adc-4c94-8807-e07e8770a498": "640061010"
  "Code": "39280008"

I think this happened from character encoding, however it’s shows currently on the Manager UI. Any help?

I’m not able to reproduce the issue. Keep in mind that JSON response is always encoded in UTF-8 so make sure you are using this character set when reading the response.