JSON parsing bug with Sales-Invoices.json

Hi there!

Due to API limitations (no index with corresponding invoice number), I have to combine the API and the JSON files that are available. So far, so good :slight_smile:!

But when I try to json_decode() the output that I got from (mysite)/sales-invoices.json?FileID=, the variable is empty due to a parse error on the value of “amount”.

I found the following work-around/solution:
Since I’m using number format: [123.456.789,00], I changed the number format to [123 456 789.00], updated the invoices and it parsed fine.

Could you try to fix this perhaps :slight_smile:? Much appreciated and thanks!

Edit: I’m using the self-hosted server edition if that’s relevant to you.

Thanks. Fixed in the latest version (19.6.48)