Arabic language PDF number bugs



I’m suffering from bugs of incorrect character representation when generating PDFs in the ARABIC language In Middle East regions especially EGYPT.

Please tell me what do I make to fix that bug?

You need to describe the problem thoroughly and provide screen shots to illustrate.


And what is your description of the problem?

Wherever there’s numbers, the order of characters and numbers is messed up.

I have replicated the problem and it seems like the pdf printer is having trouble displaying LTR numbers within RTL text. (Arabic numbers are LTR)

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Thank you. I’ll move this to bugs.

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Thanks a lot for the description.

Thanks a lot for your efforts.
We hope to fix this bug ASAP

I’m removing this topic from bugs category on the basis that this issue is in internal PDF generator which is now obsolete.

There is now new approach which doesn’t have this issue. So if you are affected, I recommend using the new approach.