API - Retrieve Trial Balance

Lubos, I am trying to use api to pull back a TB (General Ledger Balances) via the api to integrate with my Business Forecasting package 4CastPro
.json does not work on Summary and I cannot see how to use api to actually run a tb report? It just lists the Trial Balance reports?

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Reports are not stored in the form you see displayed. What are saved are the definitions of reports—column titles, date ranges, and so forth. The report data itself is synthesized fresh from the underlying transactions every time you view the report. So it sounds like you are trying to recover something that does not exist.

It seems that adding .JSON at the end of the URL doesn’t work for this kind of report. Maybe @lubos can add this undocumented option also to this report.

In the latest version, JSON format should be supported now on all reports. It was added at the same time when ability to Clone any report was added.

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Yes. It works with trial balance but still not with custom reports.