API for Manager Desktop

Does the API currently work Manager Desktop? There is no specific example at http://www.manager.io/api for the desktop version. I tried using the server version example but got an error “Unable to connect to remote server”. I then tried downloading the trial server version and got a different error “The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized”.

Technically it would be possible to support desktop edition too. But right now desktop edition is not supported. Ask again in about month.

For the time being, you can run free trial of server edition which allows for API access.

Thanks for your response. It worked with the server version once I added the api user.
Do you have any more api code examples? Specifically adding a Sales Invoice.

Hi, is there any update on using the API with the desktop edition? Thanks!

Currently API authentication is relying on user passwords but desktop edition doesn’t support users. Eventually this will change and Manager will have some concept of API keys instead.

For now, you can use free trial of server edition to use API.

Is the API available on the desktop version?


Thanks for confirming.