Anyone Intrested in Manager Android/Ios offline app?

Hello Everyone,

Is there Anyone who is Intrested in Manager Android/Ios offline and online app?
My query is could there be an android/ios app where we can sync data from cloud and use it offline as well?

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Please search the forum. You’ll find this was discussed and concluded, i.e there will be no apps. You can use Manager as is on mobile phones and tablets through the browser when you have Cloud or Server edition.


I recommend using the cloud or local server version.
But if you really wanted to pursue this approach, have a look at Run ManagerServer on arm linux (on android device)

ok Thanks but this approach looks extremely complicated for a non programmer like me. However i got a basic idea as to why manager can’t run on android. i.e 64 bit architecture.

There is more information in the discussion that was closed in 2022 Who wants manager to release phone app

Looking for any updates in matter, that discussion is closed already

The discussion is closed because there will be no special Android or IOS app offline or online. The cloud and server editions allow people to use Manager on their mobile phone browsers and the css as been made responsive for such. Do not expect any further development on separate mobile apps, therefore discussion closed.

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