Any plans for 2FA support on the cloud version?

I’ve been using the standalone version for a while and am now moving to the cloud version as I expand my use and incorporate multiple users. I’m a little concerned there’s no option for 2-factor authentication, though. I’d prefer to have sensitive data like this under better protection than just plain username/password credentialing. Are there any plans to offer 2FA in the future? It would also be helpful to be able to mandate it site-wide for dependent user accounts.


Xero does not have 2FA either, this could be a point of difference. Possibly a feature where you can opt to enable or not in the user setup. Perhaps with options to set the 2FA at a user level, additional pass phrase or regional / IP level or by allowed / authenticated device name?

Xero has implemented 2FA a few months ago.

2FA is really good when people re-use their passwords on multiple sites so if one site gets compromised and your password is leaked, 2FA will prevent hackers to log into other sites. In terms of Manager Cloud, the one roadblock is that every customer is hosted on their private domain. So hacker would need to know domain name of your cloud site and your username which doesn’t necessarily need to be your email address.

Xero has the same login page for all customers and they do require usernames to be email addresses. So without 2FA, it was marginally easier to hack into Xero account than into Manager Cloud.

This is not an excuse for Manager not supporting 2FA. It’s just an explanation why it has been prioritized a bit lower than other features. It’s still going to be added, most likely before end of this year.


OK I used Xero about 3 months ago and the login was similar to Manager so the change to support 2FA is pretty recent as you mentioned. Thank you.