Any chance of an Ubuntu PPA?



Do you have an ubuntu PPA so that i get notified of updates via the update manager?



It is on Ubuntu, see

The problem is that it takes some time to get through approval process which means the version in Ubuntu Software Center lags behind a bit.


I think PPA’s are exactly to circumvent that problem. With a PPA you create your own software channel, and you decide when updates become available. That way you become independent of Canonical policy and whatnot.


If that is how PPAs work it would be excellent. The current situation is scary.

WARNING - Ubuntu Update Manager has just ‘updated’ my computer with an outdated version of Manager Accounting… Be careful what you ask for.


I don’t mind creating custom PPA channel, it can even be integrated into my build process so it’s virtually no overhead for me. I agree upgrading process on Ubuntu is not seamless and it bothers me too. Plus there is an issue with Ubuntu Software Center which thinks it has the latest version. I will address all these issues this month.


Hi - Just a quick update…

Ubuntu Software Centre is still lagging behind reality with the version it is offering… 13.12.0, not 13.12.8.

I have successfully upgtraded to 13.12.8 by downloading from the site and using Ubuntu Software Centre to install. It worked well… Ubuntu recognised the package and did the upgrade without any problems.