Amazon store- Receipt and Paypal shipping charges

I have an amazon store.
I charge shipping/handling in addition to the item price. On the invoice I line item the product and the shipping charged to get a total amount due.

On the receipt I deduct commission fees. When the funds come into my Paypal account they include the shipping/handling funds which cover the shipping paid. The shipping actual cost is sometimes less than the S&H charged.

Where would I account for the shipping charge so I can see shipping expenses for the business? If I deduct them from the receipt the Paypal account will not balance.
Regarding the handling charge- does it need to be broken out from the shipping if there is a different cost of shipping from what is deposited in the Paypal account?

Your screenshots are showing to different customers - Online Sales 4000 & Online Sales Ruah.
But on the assumption that they are the same customer - do you receive the 9.80 as a single transaction or do receive 12.44 with the shipping charges itemised separately.

If you receive the 9.80 only, then the first line of the receipt should be Account = Accounts Receivable + Customer + Invoice - not the product. Now the Receipt cancels out the Invoice so the PayPal account balances.

If the amounts 12.44 and shipping are separate then don’t show the shipping on the receipt

The difference in customers is just the description. I receive from the Amazon Store owner $9.80. So that balances, the issue comes in with the shipping, which is $5.75 of the 9.80. So my net is really $4.05 (12.44 - 1.87 - .77- 5.75). Paypal is credited 9.80, so if I show the -$5.57 shipping on the receipt, the Invoice balances out, but the Paypal account will show an outstanding due amount of $5.75.

This shows the shipping deducted:

Here is the paypal account showing the credit when the shipping is subtracted as above:

Here is when I withdraw the $9.80 from the Paypal account and transfer it into another business account:

On your example the $2.64 are the commission fees due to Amazon and the Store owner and are removed from the total 12.44 prior to the Paypal deposit to me. Those are accounted for in the receipt.

I don’t think the 5.75 should be added to the 9.80 receipt.

If I understand it correctly
a) "I receive from the Amazon Store owner $9.80"
b) "I withdraw the $9.80 from the PayPal account"
So at this point the PayPal account balances.

How does the 5.75 get charged to you ?
It would appear that the 5.75 should be a separate Spend Money transaction.

While the 5.75 is related to the sale (cost of delivery), it is not a component of the 9.80 transaction so shouldn’t be processed as if it is.

I was wondering if that was the answer. So do I need to enter another transaction- is there anyway to automate this separate spend money transaction?

Yes and no

Thanks Brucanna for your time and expertise. Appreciate you guys!!! :clap: