Am I handling invoices properly?

All of my sales are paid for at the time the customer is given the invoice. Basically what I’ve been doing is, every time I make a sale, I will make an invoice, and immediately mark it as paid. Then I will give it to the customer as a receipt. Is this considered to be incorrect?

Also, to save the customer time, I usually have the receipt prepared ahead of time. Before the customer comes to pay, I will create the invoice, mark it as paid in suspense, and then once they arrive and pay for it, I will go back and edit the payment to show their payment method, and deposit it into the correct account.

I deal mostly with small sales ($50-200), and customers are in and out, I do this to save my customers time, and as far as I know it hasn’t caused any problems. I’m just wondering because I am not an accountant.

It’s perfectly fine. Manager is designed not to enforce any particular workflow.

In future, Manager will support concept of “cash sales” where you could enter an invoice and payment from customer on the same form. Then print the whole thing. This would make things even easier for you.

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