Installment payments against invoice

if my customer owes us, lets say $10,000 and is paying us slowly in installments. How would I enter this information in manager? Would I make an invoice for the &10k ? and then how would I reflect payments against that?

Presumably, for an obligation of that size, you should already have sent a sales invoice. That act creates an account receivable asset in Manager. When you receive an installment payment, simply Receive Money to whatever cash/bank account applies. Allocate the receipt to Accounts receivable and the specific sales invoice. Or, allocate to Customer credits and the customer’s subaccount. (You must, of course, have created the customer before you can create the sales invoice.)

Either way, Manager will apply the receipt and show the remaining balance in Accounts receivable and on that sales invoice, should you view or reprint it.

Yes I have already created the customer and the sales invoice.

If I allocate the installment payments to accounts receivable is there a way to also show the payment as an income to the business?

You have asked this question twice in different posts. I answered in your other recent post, even though I had already answered it weeks ago in this topic.

If you are doing accrual accounting, the income was recognized when you created the sales invoice. If you are doing cash accounting, the income will be recognized as payments are received.