All Purchase Invoice & Sales Invoice Suddenly Overpaid

There seems to be an error with (hosted service). Every single purchase invoice and sales invoice is overpaid or underpaid by a few cents suddenly. This looks like a bug, is anyone else experiencing this and are the devs aware @lubos ?

I assume you are using multi-currency.

Can you look into one of those customers and tell me what is your base currency, what is the currency of customer and then in which currency customer has paid?

Base currency is USD. Customer currency is USD. Customer has paid in BAHT, Bitcoin and USD. I always specify the invoice value and payment value. Suddenly yesterday all these overpaid statuses appeared on every single invoice after refreshing the website.

@lubos All the transactions are missing the “USD equivalent of the payment” now which is why nothing is balanced anymore.

I reverted change which caused this issue so it should be back to normal for you. The change was related to something else but I see I will need to find another way.

Thank you Lubos, the issue has been resolved!