Aged Payables by Division is not working

Aged payable report is working as normal. But when I select one of the division which already selected when recording purchase invoice not showing.
Generally non of the division selected in aged payable does not show anything.

Please show the edit screen of the invoice which is not showing

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…and view screen as well

This is the edit screen of one of the invoice, but all of the purchase invoice been selected with one of the division. When I create an age payable report without select any of the divisions, all the payable is there in proper order. but if I select any one of the division no record except header of the report as seen the first post

I can replicate this behavior. I’m putting this in bugs.


Not a bug. Aged Payables report does not care about Division set up on line items.

I will need to improve the forms so Division field on transactions shows only when you are making cross-divisional transactions which should be rare. An example of cross-divisional transaction would be when Division A is purchasing something on behalf of Division B. As I said - rare.

If you run divisional accounting, then each supplier will be assigned to its own division and then Aged Payables can show you only suppliers assigned to their division.

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