After One touch payroll and vat

I know one touch payroll and vat/GST is important and needs to be done but @lubos when you have done that could you please look at something to do with Depreciation on assets. I realise most of the people on here are end users that send everything to their accountant at the end of the year but there are some of us accountants that use this for their clients.And I could not see anything on assets or Depreciation in the ideas

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  • I suspect what you are suggesting here is the ability to put formulas in form defaults which are calculated dynamically. A capability which could be used in a few places including pay slips.

  • Custom themes could be used to calculate the entries but I don’t think there is the equivalent for input screens.

  • Export and batch update is probably the best option until user entered dynamic formulas are supported.

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@Patch yes the formula way would work.
Or even batch update if it had date and depreciation amount with it(I think it already does custom fields)
The asset module has not been touch since I have been using in the last 4 or 5 years so hopefully its the next one to get an overhaul