Recurring and automatic depreciation

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Is it possible that an option can be enabled to schedule automatic recurring depreciation? A similar alternative to recurring journal entries.

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I have put this into ideas. Realistically, additional depreciation methods should be added first.


Practically speaking, recurring depreciation is equivalent to straight line depreciation. However, each asset will have it’s own depreciation entry instead of one entry for all assets.

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I disagree. It should be possible to implement a depreciation schedule for any definable depreciation method, although straight line should be the first added.

It depends if a recurring “Depreciation entry” or a recurring “Depreciation calculation worksheet” is implemented.

  • The “Calculation Worksheet” could be extended to several depreciation strategies.

  • Repeating “Depreciation entries” each month for a year would result in straight line for the period chosen, which could be a reasonable strategy to distribute annual depreciation.


Do you mean there is no automatic depreciation for assets?
Should i do it in journal entries ?

How can i do recurring journal entries ?

See guides! Calculate depreciation automatically | Manager and Depreciate fixed assets | Manager

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i got that there is no straight line method
but i can add manually depreciation of straight line method in journal entries
only declining method in sheet

Is the straight line depreciation recurring transactions still being considered? I see that declining is in place but adding straight line method would also benefit many. this so we don’t need to select each month the assets that you want to depreciate. after all, they will be just the same amounts.

When Depreciation straight -line will be available? this is the most common method people use. Thanks in advance for your assistance.


It is not hard to calculate though, just use the same amount as the last period.

No, I know that isn’t hard to calculate the depreciation since we can clone the entry. However, it would be amazing that this feature will be implemented since the system is pretty well designed and this will also automatize the depreciation process. In sum, this will save time and will aggregate more efficiency to the work.

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BTW, no all the years could be the same depreciation amount considering that some assets will be fully depreciated at some point.

Not necessarily, I use DV mostly so I can claim a bigger lot when The asset is bought

I hope this can be considered soon. Yes we can clone the entry, but the problem arises when you have many assets of same class which have different purchase date. It would be easier to set the period to which a depreciation is applicable to eliminate manual preparation of the entry.

Yes, same request. Hope this feature can be implemented soon so that I don’t have to input depreciation individually for each asset.