Adopting manager for a store

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I need clarification. Considering the fact that Manager is majorly for small businesses, maybe because of minimal number transactions.

I want to Know if i can adopt Manger for a Store…which includes a reasonable amount of transactions swarming between inventory, sales, Purchases and Cost of sales and the aid of using bar codes to recognize in-coming stock and out-going stock.

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If yes, c

How many transactions per day you are talking about? Small store doing 100 sales per day or so is not a problem. Doing 10,000 sales per day will become a problem rather quickly.

Generally speaking, I’d suggest using separate POS system, print daily summary and enter that into Manager as single receipt. This way you get all the scaling you need and the same time you get robust accounting system for everything else.

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@Lubos this is excellent advice, we do exactly that and use Manager not as POS but as an accounting application that helps with preparation for tax submissions. The only thing I wish was much stronger would be the ability to serve as a financial management tool so we can set budgets, monitor progress against those (not just by the report) and do multiple year forecasts (helps also with business plans and investment proposals). It is not a must, if anything, one could reduce lots of functionality such as stock keeping and just strongly focus on accounting for tax purposes.

Thanks @lubos.

The transactions for a start should not be up to 10,000 a day. But if I intend to adopt Manager, how do i use Bar Code scanner with manager and also set up the Manager Software for this purpose.

@alaovictor a POS system would be more user friendly and time saving when adopting barcode input for sales. but if you want to try the same in Manager anyway, please read the below post.