Additional features on Sales invoice

Tut / Brucanna,
Please I need your assistant on our sales invoice.
I want the bank details to be on our sales invoice such that it prompts up once a new sales invoice wants to be raised.
See existing attached invoice:

The address to go up.
Then the Bank details to show below customer address.
How do I achieve this.

Thank you

use custom fields. read the guide regarding the same.

you will need a custom theme for this. please hire a local programmer to do it for you if you are not familiar with liquid coding.

Thank you; but cannot reach any programmer because of the season.
Can you use any member of your team to direct me on what to do.

I can use Custom field to some extent.

I have tried it but not getting exactly what i need.
Please assist.

until you find a programmer you can show the necessary details with a custom field which will appear at the bottom of sales invoices. if you need to show your bank details below the customer address, then you can also temporarily insert the details in the customer address field below their address.

as explained earlier, you will have to hire someone locally to modify the theme as per your preferences.

you can set the custom field to show as a default for all sales invoices. read the guide on Form Defaults.
if you are looking to change how the data is presented on the sales invoice, then you have no other option than developing a custom theme.