Adding title for cusomer name

What is best way to add Title field for customer names.
I have created a drop down list custome filed but it shows on the bottom when creating new customers.
How to move it up on the plain theme.?

Thank you


If you wanted to add a custom field for the title of a person, then your setup would be correct, however, you can change the position of a custom field outside the custom fields section.

That said, what I would personally do is just put the title right in front of the name in the name field.

you are right. It would have been an obvious solution however there are already over 1000 customers and using Title custome field for a while so all it needs just to change the position next to name filed.

A one-time Batch Update seems like an easier solution than continuing to make entries in custom fields. You will not be able to modify the Plain theme, so you will also have to continuously maintain a custom theme if you move the custom field. Nevertheless, if you want to go that direction, see


Thank you @Tut

This did the trick but only on invoices…

<div style="font-weight: bold">{{ custom_fields["Title"] }} {{ }}</div>

How to move the specific customer filed “Title” on customer-form and customer-view page?

Thank you.

You can not - custom fields always appear at the bottom of the form

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