Adding Sales Order to Credit Note

In current setup Credit Notes not linked to sales orders as it show below snip we have one sales order invoiced fully but to delivered in full

but for this sales order we have credit note which is not linked to the same sales order
Sales invoices issued for this Sales Order

Credit Note issued for this sales order

based on above I would really appreciate capturing credit note in sales order

This request does not make sense note Create sales orders | Manager more specifically

A sales order records an order from a customer, usually for internal purposes. Strictly speaking, it is not an accounting transaction and has no financial or inventory impact. It does not involve actual provision of services, movement of inventory, or payment of money.

Please read Use credit notes for customer returns and refunds | Manager and note this only applies to sales invoices not cash sales.

It seems to me you miss to understood what I was pointing to or I wasn’t able to write it in details

Current implementation we can link sales invoices to sales order by choosing sales order in sales invoice which will help us to know for every sales order what is invoiced and delivered and what is pending for delivery and invoicing.
In credit note tab there is no option to choose the sales order for every credit note which will result in showing in sales order tab sales invoices issued more that sales order value

this subject could solve my issue

That topic has nothing to do with credit notes.

Credit notes are generally linked to sales invoices, not sales orders. Have you actually looked at what happens to sales order status when a credit note is issued against a sales invoice linked to a sales order?

No I did not misunderstand you. If anything you confirmed it. As per my previous comment:

if we look at the current approach we will find that Sales Order is linked to Sales invoices and Delivery Note which should result in sales invoices delivered qty should be equal to sales order amount and qty. In my case sales amount is more that sales order amount because I have one credit note not captured in sales order.

let us have a look to delivery note we will find that there is sales order and sales invoice ref to be chosen to link it. this is what I am ask for to have it in Credit Note.

In sales invoices we have sales order

In delivery note we have sales order

In credit note we don’t have sales order in other means the invoiced amount under sales order tab will not be reduced

due to this if we can link credit note to sales order I think we are going to remove 1 topic from ideas to solve over invoicing in sales order tab