Adding sales item to customer

I have been involving to my customers monthly including the billable time and sales hardware to them.

The billable time amount shows on each customer in the customer page and I can easily to generate an invoice from there.

However, I have an issue since using Manager 4 years ago, how can I add the sales item and amount that also add the amount on the customer page?

You have two choices:

  • Create the new sales invoice for the billable time from the Customers tab first. Then, immediately edit the invoice to add other line items. This is described in the Guide: Invoice billable time | Manager.
  • If you are purchasing what you call the “sales hardware” only for your customer, that is, not for general sale to other customers as well, you can treat those purchases as billable expenses. You can invoice billable expenses at the same time and in the same way as billable time. See Record billable expenses | Manager and Invoice billable expenses | Manager.
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