Adding Owner Operators and other 1099's

I’m starting a trucking company, and I’ll be using Manager as the accounting software. So far everything is pretty good. But, having looked in the forum, how can I pay Owner/Operators and other 1099’s? I don’t receive invoices from them. I pay them based on loads they are taking. Looking at everything, the “Payslip” is the best choice. Since I’m going to have deductions and final settlements.

Is there some area, that handles this like “Payslip” does? Or do I just have to put them all under Purchase Invoice, which really doesn’t fit this scenario.

From a previous forum, it was mentioned that contractors should be put under Purchase Invoice for legal reason. Since these aren’t the same type of contractors that you hire to mow your lawn or do maintenance. These are businesses that are leased to the company and they run and operate under the trucking company, but are true 1099.


Purchase invoices are the way to go. Payslips are for employees, and using them will undermine your contention your subcontractors are independent. From an accounting perspective, your operators are no different from the landscaper. Set them up as suppliers.

It doesn’t matter that your operators don’t submit formal sales invoices. I imagine there is some form of documentation for their loads which will suffice as a self-generated invoice. Those are common in business.

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