1099 Employees as Independent Contractors

When paying 1099 Employees as Independent Contractors … should this information be registered using Payslip or should it be registered as a Purchase Invoice? I would like access to a report showing the collective totals paid to each individual such as the Payslip Summary Report. But if I pay them with a Purchase Invoice I am not certain how to access such a report to include each contractors name and totals.

You should be using Purchase Invoices tab to record payable invoices from independent contractors. There are legal reasons for it.

So to analyze contractors, you will need some sort of supplier report. Do you just need to see total invoiced amounts in specified period(s)?

Lubos … I would like to see as much detail as possible … not only specified periods of time … but I would like to see each independent contractors name … the names of the jobs which they provided service on … the hours / rates / gas allowance / bonuses etc. As much info as possible. What do I need to do to set this up inside of my manager? I am using the desktop version. Thank you!

I had read the Guide and knew we pay Suppliers immediately upon receiving an Invoice, so I had not implemented Accounts Payable. If I understand correctly from this post, we DO need to use Accounts Payable in order to get information for 1099 forms?

Did you ever get a reply to this question? I need the same thing. We dont have “employees” all we deal with are subcontractors. Im trying this software to see if I can DROP quickbooks.