Adding Item Name to Sales Quote

When we are adding items into inventory, there is an Item Code, an Item Name and an Item Description category. The sales quote, once finalized, only prints the Item Code and the Item Description but no Item Name. The invoice was like this too; however, when I tried to correct this in the HTML code, it seems that the Item Code category is linked to the Item Name category through the programming. Basically, when I write in <> for the category header (b/w lines 53 & 54), it works and adds it in as a category to the invoice. But when I reviewed the code for the contents of the Item Name (between lines 63 & 64), it didn’t actually exist. It goes right from this code:

{{ }} ^This says "" but it is actually displaying the Item Code instead of the name on the invoice. It then moves directly to the Item Description programming and skips item name entirely. Therefore, I cannot simply add-in an extra line with because it is already being used for the Item Code category. Does this make sense?

Any help is appreciated.

Yeah, it seems like actually holds code and there is no variable in invoice template to show name of item.

The issue is that how these fields have been used in the past have changed a bit and the variables haven’t been renamed in order not to break existing HTML templates.

However why do you need to show code, name and description? Usually you need to show code and description only. Description should contain the name of item + other details if applicable.

No need for too many columns on invoices or quotes.

Thanks for the quick response! Honestly there is a need for a code in our inventory system but no need for it on the quote or invoice. Can’t it just be a matter of writing it in or changing some parameters? It is more important to us to have the item name on the invoice/quote than the code. We would like to have the description on there separately because of the nature of what we sell needing a separate column to describe what is included with the product.


Have a look into custom fields.

Basically, you can create custom fields on inventory items or non-inventory items and mark them to show on “printed documents”.

These custom fields will be then shown as columns on quotes and invoices.

So perhaps name of your item should be under Description column and then you can have other columns for other specific info regarding your items.

Thanks! I will try that and let you know if I run into any issues! Take care!

Because of the bounding of non-inventory and inventory items in one item column on sales invoice, I have put a dot or asterix in the item code field so my non-inventory items show up first in the dropdownlist.

However like @awtcanada says, theres is only a field available on sales invoice which is actually the code.

Could you make both fields available; line.item.code and

Gr. Hans