Adding equity accounts

Thanks again.
The correction of the starting balance, like you said, did not (seem to) affect any transactions - besides the ones i wanted them to change. :wink:
One more question.
Is there any way I can (manually?) add some items to the equity zone on the summary page? now there is only ‘cumulative result’ and ‘private withdrawals’.
I would like to see on the summary page some items that are mentioned in the more detailed equity reports, like balance at begin and end of period, etc.
Thanks in advance.

Please do not divert topics with unrelated questions. Your new question was not related to starting balances; it has been moved to a new topic.

To add accounts, see To better understand capital accounts, see and

You cannot see such things on the Summary page for any account, except account balances on the end date of the reporting period. For the information you want, see the General Ledger Summary and Capital Accounts Summary under Reports.