Adding Contact Name in Foreign exchange loss

While I was preparing the details Trial Balance it is found that contact name in suppliers and customer not appearing in the General Ledger Summary Report.

since the Foreign exchange loss profit is system generated entry the system should include the customer or supplier in the contact column. so it will be known once it is extracted to excel sheet or when the report is printed

we can’t add the contact name since we can’t edit or view this entry

the same we are facing when we are using Journal Voucher Contact Name will not show in because there is no field for it. where the Account Name should be linked to the Contact Name if customer or supplier is used

@lubos please have a look at this topic and advise if is it possible to add the customer or supplier name in the auto generated foreign exchange transactions in contact name

it will help if we extract the data to excel from trial balance

I do not understand your request. Why would a customer or supplier be linked with a foreign exchange gain or loss?

this request created because of this topic

when I extracted the data for supplier and customer to excel to prepare detailed trail balance I was struggling when I filtered the transaction based on customer or supplier name specially who has other currency other than the base currency so I have to find out the main transaction keep in mind that the auto generated forex transaction it doesn’t have reference no. it was a bit difficult to find out to match the balances based on supplier or customer ac from the general ledger summary.

please find samples from general ledger summary

as you can see customer or supplier name is not listed in the foreign exchange gain or loss transaction due to that it is difficult to find out which forex entry for which customer or supplier due to that I would suggest the system should capture the customer name in the contact name so it will appear and filtered if it is exported to excel

@Tut can you please check and comment. I need to know weather this system should capture the suppliers and customer in the contact name for Automatic Foreign Voucher

thanks for your support in advance

No, it is not designed to do that.