Adding a reimbursement claim on tax invoice

How to I claim a reimbursement in an invoice without amount adding to taxable income?

Please describe the situation. Who is reimbursing whom, and for what? Invoices are not normally used to claim reimbursements.

I submit monthly invoices to a property management company for contract cleaning. I have purchased light bulbs for use at the building. I wish to be reimbursed. I guess my question is then ‘How do I claim a reimbursement’?

This is a perfect use for Billable Expenses. See the Guide at Manager Cloud. You are spending company funds on behalf of your customer, not your own company. When you Spend Money to buy the supplies, select Billable expenses as the account, with the customer subaccount. The transaction shows up as an asset, because the customer owes you the money. It does not affect any of your company’s expense accounts. When you follow the invoicing procedure outlined, the expense is transferred to Accounts receivable. But when the customer pays, it does not reflect in any income account unless you have marked up the expense for additional profit. Basically, if you bill at your actual cost, it is a complete pass-through, with no affect on your profit or loss. It will have a temporary effect on your balance sheet until your invoice is paid.

Thank you Tut