Adding a date field to a recurring invoice body

I would like to add and date range to the body of a recurring invoice, for example "service for the Period of Date/Month.

What would the code be?

Thanking you in advance.


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Do you mean support for variables so when recurring invoice is generated, it will print current month on invoice?

Yes that is it.

This is not yet possible but it’s definitely something in the pipeline.

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Any updates on the topic? I would love to add the month feature, ie, invoice for the month of ********** to all my recurring invoices.

If you are willing to edit a custom theme every month, you can do this right now. Create a custom theme just for invoices and substitute whatever you want to say into the line of code that includes the title variable. In my opinion, though, that’s a lot of hassle when the issue date is already prominently displayed. Plus, you have to remember to switch back and forth between the invoices-only custom theme and whatever other theme you are using so every form doesn’t have the title “Invoice for XXXXX.”

There might also be a way to automate this, but I don’t know how date variables are handled.

I am wondering if the ability to add a date to the recurring line item has been addressed. I have recurring monthly and yearly invoices that it would be good to enter the ending period date where only the month or year change.

For example: (mm 10, yyyy + 1) or (mm + 1, 10, yyyy) or (mm-1, dd , yyyy+1)

These are fairly standard date calculations.

Your question is not clear. Line items have no date fields and do not recur. Transactions, such as sales invoices, can recur. So what, exactly, are you referring to?

If you are looking to automate inclusion of a specific date in recurring sales invoices, use Form Defaults and Custom Fields. Create a custom field on sales invoices for the date you want to appear, such as an end date for billing period. Use a custom theme to position that custom field wherever you want. Use Form Defaults to enter the date before creating recurring sales invoices. You will need to modify the Form Defaults before creating the recurring sales invoices for a month or year, but every one you create will have the same content in that custom field until you change it.

Are variables in recurring invoices done/possible as @lubos said 3-4 years ago?
I just need it, to make one recurring invoice description to state “Some service for MONTH/YEAR”.

There has been no change yet about this.

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