Add View and Clone to Bank Deposits?

We use this feature often in the Bank Accounts tab to receive payments where payments are the same week after week. We just edit the date. It is currently not available under the Bank Deposits tab (ver 15.1.28).

Lubos. I also notice deposits require a reference in order to be cleared by a bank payment. Do you think this is necessary? If so, this seems to eliminate bank rules being applied to deposits as we would have to add a reference for each imported bank deposit. Any comments?

I will be adding view, clone and other functions to bank deposits in a few days. Also, I don’t mind making bank deposit reference number optional. If reference number is not used, then combination amount/date could become a reference. This would make it easier to identify individual deposits in dropdown.

Bank rules are very early implementation at the moment and doesn’t do much. It will be possible to setup bank rule that will automatically match cheques or bank deposits.

Making amount/date a reference would work for us and allow automatic
allocation of imported bank deposit transactions. Bank rules as they
currently are implemented in Manager along with the information
contained in our imported bank transactions already are all we need for
full automation of matching of transactions to accounts with the
exception of some other account types. Please implement this feature.

Don’t yet see any ability to store cheque date as part of a deposit. Customer Statements will still show date of deposit rather than date of cheque.

I can’t say this enough…Thanks for this great software! Almost perfect for us now. What a time saver over our previous software package.

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