Add the possibility to archive businesses

Dear @lubos,

I currently have some businesses that I don’t use anymore and that I keep in the list just for archive consultation.

Since I don’t like to have then mixed with the other active businesses, I put a dot “.” before their name and they all appear grouped together at the beginning of the list.

Can you please consider adding an archive function that would move them to an “Archive” folder at the bottom of the list? Something like what WhatsApp does for archived messages.

By the way, if not possible, is there a symbol, to put as a prefix of the name, to list them at the bottom of all the businesses?


the list is arranged numerically and then follows alphabetically. so you could try adding prefix “zzz.” to the business name.

What about backing them up and delete them afterwards?

I though of that… I would prefer a symbol…

That’s not a solution. I have a server edition, I can see everything also by mobile and I want these numbers to be always consultable.

try copy pasting the above as a prefix for your business name. it is a Japanese character but it works.

Also Delta “Δ” works… I’ll go with this one. I wrote “Δrchive - [Business Name]”

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sometime somewhere i have read this does not give the necessary result on a mac. i am not sure and i cannot test it.

Since I’m on Server edition (a Docker Repository under Synology) I think that the result will be coherent everywhere.

You can also use χ character as a prefix.

Anyway, removed businesses go to Trash folder. Eventually I will make it possible to view contents of the folder and restore.

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For some reason, it does not. Both upper and lower case Greek delta (∆ and ∂) place such a name ahead of numbers. However, Ω and χ both put such a name at the end of the alphabetized list.